Le collectif 07 STOP AUX GAZ DE SCHISTE affirme son refus de l’exploration et de l’exploitation des hydrocarbures de roche-mère et autres hydrocarbures dits non-conventionnels (gaz et pétrole de schiste, huiles lourdes, gaz de réservoir compact, gaz de couche, sables bitumineux ...) et de tous hydrocarbures dont l’extraction nécessite l’utilisation de techniques, quel que soit leur nom, nécessitant de fracturer, stimuler, acidifier ou encore de fissurer la roche et ayant pour conséquence de porter atteinte à son intégrité. Il s’oppose à l’aberration économique, sanitaire, environnementale et climatique aux conséquences désastreuses que constituent ces projets pour les départements impactés. Il promeut une transition énergétique et écologique.

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NO to shale gas import

jeudi 19 mai 2016


France is going to import shale gas coming from the US.

EDF and Engie (former GDF Suez) signed contracts with US-based firms allowing importing shale gas in France, and the French government, major shareholder in both enterprises, did nothing to prevent them.

Keep in mind that, as they can’t invest in shale gas exploitation in France, oil companies of France, like TOTAL, invested heavily in the America’s shale boom, as well in the North as in the South of the continent. Together they invested more than 4 billion dollars in the exploitation of non-conventional hydrocarbons in the US.

France is going to import shale gas coming from the US.
And yet, all of us, governing as well as governed, know that shale gas and oil as well as all the other non-conventional hydrocarbons are an economic, environmental and health aberration. Proof is that our struggle permitted the adoption, in 2011, of the law prohibiting hydraulic fracturing, the law Jacob.

Likewise we noted that recently Mrs Royal, French Minister of Environment and Energy, reaffirmed that this technique is now prohibited in France and will be in the future as well. So we all agree about this point.

France is going to import shale gas coming from the US.
And still, France presided the COP21, the international conference on climate issues. It was under French leadership that the 195 represented countries adopted an international treaty which gives a framework for the transition towards low-carbon economies, aiming to keep –if still possible- global warming under 2°C. Bear in mind that scientists of the utmost integrity agree that, to reach this goal, 80% of the reserves of hydrocarbons shouldn’t be extracted but stay where they are.

France is going to import shale gas coming from the US.
But the Collectif07 continues to claim high and clear : NOT HERE, NOT ELSEWHERE.

Consequently, the Collectif07 asks the French government to show coherence and do everything to prevent this import of American natural gas produced by means of hydraulic fracturing.
This action would put France in harmony with its engagements on energy-transition taken during the COP21, and would engage us on the virtuous path of real de-carbonization, based on efficiency and frugality in energy use.
Let’s not forget that, for the sake of future generations, we’re held to preserve the climate balance and so, life.

Largentière France, May 19th 2016

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